Being Stiff While Playing Basketball? (Solved!!)

Being Stiff While Playing Basketball? (Solved!!)

Have you ever been playing Basketball, and after a few minutes, you realized you were stiff as a board? Looking like a clumsy penguin on the court and not performing up to your potential? 

This is a problem many players face while playing Basketball as they feel that they are not as flexible as they should be. In addition, injuries are a major concern for many players as they are unable to play at their best due to injuries that are brought on from playing with poor flexibility. The good news is that flexibility is something that trained.

But there is good news. You don’t have to be a personal trainer or take steroids to get rid of the stiffness while playing Basketball. 

Why do we get stiff while playing Basketball?

There are few reasons why Basketball players get stiff while playing Basketball.

1. Lack of mobility in the body: 

Most people who play Basketball have big muscles and are very strong. Therefore, it is easy for them to move around the court and get the shots they need. However, if your muscles are too tight, you will have a hard time when you try to move your body in ways that are required to shoot a basket. This will cause your muscles to tighten up even more, which will make it even harder for you to shoot baskets. This is one reason why many people get injured while playing Basketball. Injuries such as pulled muscles, sprains, and strains are quite common among basketball players. Tightened muscles cause micro-tears in the muscle fibers, making it difficult for the muscle to stretch out and lengthen when needed.

2. Not being agile 

Basketball is a game of quick movements and sudden stops. It requires you to be very nimble and ready to react at any given moment. If you are not mobile or agile enough, it will be difficult for you to move quickly enough to make a good shot. And if you are too stiff, it will be difficult for you to stop yourself from getting bumped by an opponent or making a bad pass. I have already mentioned the two main reasons why Basketball players get stiff while playing Basketball. However, there are many other factors that can cause stiffness in your body while playing Basketball. 

3. Not warming up: 

You should warm up properly before playing a game of Basketball. Do this by doing some light jogging and then do some light shooting with a ball. This will help your body to get loosened up and ready to play. 

4. Too much focus on the ball:

Many people make the mistake of focusing on the ball and forget to focus on the game. This will cause you to not react to the other players, and you will be at a loss. This will cause you to lose the game. Always remember that you should be thinking about the game, not the ball. The ball will always be there. The game is what you should be concentrating on. If you want to improve your game, you must learn to play without the ball. If you do this, you will automatically improve your mobility and quickness because you will no longer have to move as fast to catch or pass the ball. If you do this correctly, you will find it much easier to stop yourself from getting bumped by an opponent or making a bad pass. And if you do this correctly, you will find it much easier to concentrate on the game and not the ball.

Now, We move on to the most important part of this article. 

How to stop being stiff while playing Basketball? 

To stop being stiff while playing Basketball, you should try out some of these tips on being more flexible: 

1. Stretch Every Day :

Stretching is vital for being able to play Basketball. Basketball is a sport that requires fast movements, quick changes of directions, and quick bursts of speed. That being said, if you are stiff, you will not be able to play Basketball very well.

2. Proper Warm-Ups: 

Warm-ups to Basketball are very important because they allow you to raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to the muscles, so they are ready to perform. Warm-ups also allow you to prepare your body for the activity ahead and help you avoid injuries.

3. Hydrate before your workout:

You already know that you should be drinking water regularly. But you should also drink water before a workout, as well as during and after. Dehydration can lead to lightheadedness, fatigue, and performance issues that could ruin your entire workout.

4. Do Plyometrics: 

Plyometrics are exercises that use quick bursts of power to activate fast-twitch muscle fibers. Doing plyometric exercises will help you increase your cardio capacity and make your body more flexible. Try performing box jumps, jump squats, and bounding on a trampoline.

5. Stop concentrating on the Basketball, and focus on your environment: 

This is a common problem for people who just begin to play Basketball. You may be too focused on the ball. You may keep your eyes fixated on the ball every time you shoot. This will take away your focus and concentration from your environment.