Can You Play Basketball In Yeezys?(Must Read!)

You can play basketball in a pair of Yeezys. You can also play basketball in a couple of Jordans or a pair of Nike’s. 

Just because you have Yeezys on doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the next “Kobe Bryant.” They are, much like I’m sure Kobe wears his Jordans for the same reason, simply a window into your brand. It shows people that you have taste and are means enough to spend on shoes. 

However, Yeezys are not designed to be your everyday shoe. They are meant for wearing on occasion, nothing more. If you walk around looking like the homeless man who just rolled out of bed with his sneakers tied together, then someone will inevitably say something about that look or roll their eyes at it because they want you to know exactly what that look signifies. 

Are Yeezys the pinnacle of Basketball Shoe Technology?

No, but they are okay. You CAN play basketball in Yeezys, but if you are content with this, then maybe you shouldn’t make it a point to tell people like me that simply because you can doesn’t mean. Therefore, it should be the case for everyone else. People will still make fun of you if they see your face pop up on Twitter when someone does something ridiculous in said sneakers.

Furthermore, a pair of Yeezys do not make a man a better basketball player. They don’t necessarily help you get better at basketball. What they do, though, is give you the ability to stand out from whatever kind of dullsville that your local commoner finds themselves stuck in or trying to convince everyone else they’re still living off Macarena levels of coolness all while awkwardly sporting something so ostentatious I would assume it makes people hiccup every time their eyes fall upon them.

Kanye West’s YEEZY basketball shoes are not allowed in the NBA. Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 indeed has a reflective ‘3m’ heel panel which could distract spectators and television viewers, but it does not pose any threat to players safety because other than that, Kanye west sneakers have good color combinations with a comfortable grip on the court even for dunking player.

Nba players have not always stuck to the confines of traditional basketball sneakers. In the past, players wore whatever kicks they felt comfortable in. Today NBA players wear a lot of trainers and Adidas performance socks too because these are NBA-approved shoes that offer excellent support for their ankles and greater power to propel them well in all varsity sports activities where they compete with one another.

How Can You Play Basketball In A Pair Of Yeezys?

You can play basketball using a pair of Yeezys by strolling to the hoop, dribbling like crazy, attempting to find an open shot, and hoping someone misses their layup. But why would you do this if your goal is winning? Put, there’s no more room on the bench by the time you get to where you are trying to go. Yeezys are also incredibly impractical, and given how expensive they are, it’s doubtful you’d end up fine with them if they got damaged during play, which is probably not a good thing given their problematic design.

The Adidas Yeezys are suitable for playing basketball or informal sporting activities. The shoes by Adidas, a world-class sports apparel and footwear giant, have made it to the top of people’s list when they think about buying sneakers. I firmly believe that if you buy a pair of Yeezys, you will always find yourself feeling good about your appearance and the subtle reputation boost it provides. However, the Yeezys are not the best choice for playing basketball. They’re too expensive and too impractical to be used as a basketball shoe. If you’re a casual sports fan, these shoes will look great with your jeans and a t-shirt. If you play basketball, I will go with something else.

Is Yeezys the best basketball shoe?

The basketball sneaker was designed by Kanye West and is made of a mix and molded Repreve material. The sneaker has many praises as it looks like the perfect shoe for a basketball player. Its comfort during play is also excellent as well as lightweight. The downside is that this shoe doesn’t provide enough support to help maintain the foot in place during gameplay. The price is also quite a bit higher for this basketball shoe.

If the design of Yeezys shoes is proportional to all other aspects, they might be the best basketball sneaker if you could put aside their “over-price” feature. But I would say that there is indeed at least one better option than West’s new signature footwear invention if buying them solely for wear on the court.


The aspect of technological advancements is creating new, state-of an-art sneakers capable of better functionality, and the choice between Yeezys or any other sneaker will always be there. On the other hand, we should always try to broaden our perspectives and acknowledge that not all innovation is flourishing. The Yeezys may be too over-priced for its practicality if your sole purpose of buying them is to play basketball. Therefore, I think it’s better not to compare all Nike Jordan 5 shoes by their varying technological specs but instead buy the ones which you feel will suit you best and offer optimum functionality as a player so great experiences can be cooked up in them once you’ve put on your new pair of shoes every day.