Do Basketball Players Wear Cups? (Demystified!) 

Do Basketball Players Wear Cups? (Demystified!) 

Do Basketball Players Wear Cups?

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, there is one piece of equipment that should be added to your basketball gear: a protective cup. In the heat of the game, players can collide with one another, and these collisions can cause serious injury. The protective cup gives players extra protection from back and front crashes. This type of protector is essential for protecting a player’s reproductive organs, bladder, and kidneys.

Yes! Of course, they wear them! It is simply common sense! The chances of injuries might be low; however, there is always a chance for something to happen. The severity of such injuries is usually very painful and might have severe consequences. The truth is, you can never be too safe and wearing a cup makes it more likely you will stay healthy and on the court.

Are Basketball players required to wear cups?

The NCAA or NBA does not require basketball players to wear a cup. However, they strongly advise wearing one. Many players choose to wear one anyway because they want to stay in top physical shape. Also, some players choose to wear one because they are self-conscious about playing without one. Still, other players wear one because they have suffered an injury that prevents them from being completely comfortable on the court without one. Whatever the reason, every player needs to wear a protective cup. 

What is the purpose of wearing a cup?

The primary purpose of wearing a cup is to protect your player’s reproductive organs from getting injured by a check-mate or slam dunk attempt. There are several secondary purposes of wearing a cup. For example, a player may choose to wear a cup to:

  • Reduce the chance of being sidelined with a “lower-body” injury 
  • Reduce the chance of incurring a painful injury caused by a hard foul
  • Reduce the likelihood of an inguinal hernia – a painful condition that is a common complication of groin injuries
  • Reduce the chance of incurring a testicular injury
  • Offer additional protection in the case of a blow-out fracture or other significant

Are there any health benefits associated with wearing a cup?

Yes, there are. Wearing a cup can prevent a few non-contact injuries. However, if you are ever involved in an athletic collision, wearing a cup will significantly reduce the chances of suffering a severe injury. 

The chances of you ever making contact with your testicles with enough force to cause serious injuries are low. But, the consequences of not wearing a cup are severe. You could be left with permanent damage if you injure your testicles.

Is it possible to be injured by not wearing a cup?

Of course, it is. The consequences can be harrowing and permanent. Therefore, if you are ever unsure whether or not you should wear a cup, ask yourself, “How bad would it hurt if I don’t wear a cup and my player’s reproductive organs got injured?”

The answer will almost always be “bad.” So, the question then becomes, “Does the potential reward (not being sidelined or having to deal with the complications of an injury) outweigh the potential risk of not wearing a cup?” Almost always, the answer is yes. So, the only reasonable decision a player can make is to wear a cup. 

Why They Choose to Not Wear Cups

There are several reasons why players choose not to wear a cup. The most common one is they don’t think it’s necessary. But that’s silly because the health benefits of wearing a cup greatly outweigh the perceived inconvenience.

Another reason is that they have a “courageous” player who refuses to wear a cup. This is rarely the case. You see, most players simply do not have the “balls” to insist their teammates wear protective gear. So, in these situations, the player with more “balls” will make sure all of his teammates are adequately protected. In other words, he’ll make sure no one gets hurt. He might even make sure everyone is wearing proper helmets, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and even eye protection.

The final and most common reason players choose not to wear a cup is they are just plain lazy. They don’t want to wear the damn thing and be uncomfortable all game. Well, guess what? That’s why they play sports in the first place! To get off their asses and become unglued from their regular boring routine! 

What are the benefits of wearing a groin cup? 

The benefits of wearing a cup far outweigh the risks. So, here are just a few of the many benefits.

  • Prevents Injuries: A properly designed cup will greatly reduce injuries to your genitals. Suppose you are an elite athlete playing contact sports like football or hockey. In that case, it is almost impossible to get seriously injured to your genitals without having a protective cup between them and the impact force. On the other hand, if you don’t wear a cup. Injuries to your genitals are almost inevitable. It’s just a matter of time. Especially when you consider how often athletes are participating in these types of contact sports are not even wearing helmets. (Helmets prevent skull fractures but not concussions.)
  • Prevents Erectile Dysfunction: A properly designed cup will also help prevent erection problems later in life. This is especially true for men who have played contact sports as a youth. 
  • Protects Your Genitals From Chafing: Many players choose not to wear a cup because they worry about chafing but wearing a cup would actually protect your genitals from chafing. 


Do Basketball Players Wear Cups? Yes, they do, and they should! Do Football Players Wear Cups? Yes, they do, and they should! Do Hockey Players Wear Cups? Yes, they do, and they should! So why don’t more guys wear them? I don’t know. Probably because most of them are just plain lazy, or they don’t realize how truly important it is to them to play pain-free. Whatever the reason, I personally believe every man who plays contact sports should wear a cup. It’s the right thing to do for his own health, and it makes the game safer for all the other players.