Should Short Guys Play Basketball? – A Truthful Guide for Shorter Players


If you’re short, should you play basketball? After all, height is an advantage in the game. But there are a few things to consider before jumping head first into dunking on people.

For one thing, most of us will never grow taller than we currently are. So if that’s what it takes to be successful at basketball, then maybe not playing ball is your best bet. 


And even for those who do happen to have some extra inches, height isn’t everything when it comes to being great on the court (ask some of the players from the Harlem Globetrotters). Plus, with today’s high-tech sneakers and gear like springy shoes and vertical jump trainers, anyone can get an edge over their competition by training hard enough.


Therefore the answer to “should short guys play basketball”“? The answer is definitely yes if the sports interest you.




A player’s height doesn’t determine their ability to be successful on the court; it only limits them to certain positions

A player’s height doesn’t determine their ability to be successful on the court; it only limits them to certain positions. We know that tall players are more likely to play in the post, and short players are more likely to play on the perimeter. 


When we have a shorter player, they need more time on the dribble and space between them and the defender, as well as more touch passes. Taller players will rely on their size more than their athleticism. They will use their size and strength to get past defenders when they can’t rely on quickness or ball-handling skills. 


If they have quickness and ball-handling skills, their size will help them get a better position near the basket to score efficiently. It is important for short players to improve their shooting range, but it is just as important for tall players to learn how to handle the ball and get by defenders.



What are some advantages of being short in basketball

Here are some advantages of being the small man on the court:


– They have a better shooting range


When you’re short, you have a better shooting range because your feet are closer to the ground. This allows you to get quick shots off and have a better chance of making them. This helps on defense as well, when you can more quickly jump and shoot over taller defenders.


– They require less time on the dribble and space between them and the defender


When you’re taller, dribbling means taking longer strides. This uses up more time than you need to either shoot or drive. When you’re shorter, this is not the case because your stride length is shorter, and so you are able to see the basket better. You also don’t have to walk as far to get by a defender.


– It’s easier for them to find open teammates in spots with little or no defense


When you’re shorter, you have better court vision because there is less distance to cover between the defender and your teammate. This makes it easier for you to find open teammates in spots with little or no defense.




What are some disadvantages of being short in basketball

Here are some disadvantages of being one of the smallest men on the court:


– It’s harder to get rebounds because you’re shorter


When you’re shorter, it’s harder to get rebounds because your arms will be closer to the ground. That means you’ll have a tougher time getting over taller defenders and will be more easily pushed out of position. On offense, you’ll have to get creative if your team wants you to crash the boards.


– It’s harder to shoot over taller defenders


Depending on how tall the player is, they will be able to block or alter shots more easily than shorter players. This is because taller players have more time to get in position to block your shots or alter them.


– They can’t always dunk or even reach the rim when they jump


The higher you jump, the more range of motion your arms will have. So if you’re shorter, it’s harder to get much lift or power behind your jumps because your arms aren’t as far away from the ground.



Skills to focus on to build your advantage against taller players

If you’re not very tall, here are some skills that will help you be competitive:


1. Range:


A long-range weapon is a player’s best friend, no matter their size. The farther you can shoot from the basket, the more difficult it will be for taller players to block your shots, and the more valuable you will be on offense.


Work on jump shots and long-range floaters as much as possible.


2. Speed:


You can’t blow by your defender, but you can still take him to the basket quickly and have him off the balance before he knows what hit him. Work on quick feet and excellent conditioning to blow past defenders before they even know you’re there. 


3. Post moves:


Bigger players can sit back and just block your shots, but you need a way to get the ball over them. Work on various post moves so you can take advantage of his size and score from in close.


4. Defense:


You will have to work that much harder because of your lack of height, so you better be quick as a snake. Work on staying in front of players, fighting through screens, and anticipating passes for steals.




Taller people don’t always have more skill or talent than shorter ones, so it’s important not to underestimate them just because they’re smaller

Taller players often underestimate shorter players because they believe that their height gives them an advantage on the court. 


Not only are taller players likely to be more skilled and talented than shorter players, but they also have an easier time moving around the court.


Taller players will have a longer reach which means it’s easier for them to stop taller opponents from scoring a basket. For example, it’s much easier for taller defenders to block shots or alter them. 


Taller people can also dunk with relative ease because their arms are closer to the ground.

In order to take advantage of the tendency for taller players to underestimate shorter ones, you need to take a few steps.


Firstly, you should use your height and size to your advantage by using quick jab steps in order to be difficult to reach.


Secondly, you need to keep in mind that it is much easier for taller players to block or alter shots because their arms are closer to the ground.


Thirdly, you should also remember that dunking can be more difficult for shorter players because their arms are farther away from the ground.



How to overcome feeling like an underdog in your sport because you’re not tall enough

You’ve probably felt like an underdog in your sport at some point because you’re not tall enough.


This is especially common in team sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. Even though height doesn’t matter much on its own, it can still be a factor when playing against taller players who have an advantage in blocking shots or scoring over the top of defenders.


You might feel that people assume you play less well than others because of your height, or they give up on you more easily just because they see someone bigger coming to take your spot.


But there are ways for shorter players to succeed both physically and mentally:


– You should get stronger so that you can go toe-to-toe with any opponent – no matter how big he is. Resistance training, in particular weight lifting, can help you develop the strength to match up with larger players.


– You don’t have to be as tall as your opponent, but it is important that you are able to outsmart him instead of just overpowering him. Being smart and fast will always win over brute force alone.


– You should be as fit as possible and do everything you can to maintain it. Being in good shape allows you to be more competitive when playing against taller opponents – Even though team sports will always favor the bigger side, there are small but effective adjustments you can make that will tilt the field in your favor:


– Take advantage of your speed by using fakes to get into the lane or by using your speed and agility to drive by bigger players. Don’t settle for jump shots just because you’re smaller than your opponents; challenge them under the basket and use fakes when necessary.




Short people should play basketball because it offers them a chance to be competitive with their taller opponents. They might feel like they’re at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find ways of overcoming this obstacle and being successful on the court. The key is finding what you excel at best and using your strengths to overcome any weaknesses in height or size. If you have tips for how shorter players can succeed against bigger opponents, please share! We’d love to hear from you about strategies that work well when playing against larger players in team sports such as soccer, football, or basketball.