Should You Aim For The Backboard In Basketball? (This Will Improve Your Game!)

Should You Aim For The Backboard In Basketball? (This Will Improve Your Game!)

Yes! You definitely should aim for the backboard! Here’s why: If you aim for the backboard, you’ll improve your percentage of making a shot. And, when you improve your percentage of making a shot, you’ll improve your percentage of making a basket! And, when you make a basket, you’ll feel better about yourself! 

What are Bank Shots in basketball?

Bank Shots are when you shoot a layup off or jump shot off the backboard. This is a fundamental basketball skill that every player should have. It’s not a big deal but, it is an important skill to know. This is important because if you don’t know how to bank a shot, you’ll have a hard time scoring in the paint! 

Benefits of using the backboard when shooting?

Furthermore, there are several benefits to using the backboard when shooting:

– It gives you a higher percentage of making a shot! (Remember, the more often you shoot the basket, the more likely you will make a basket.)

– It forces you to shoot from a closer distance! This means you’ll have to shoot with more accuracy! Which, in turn, will make you a better shooter!

– It helps you develop hand-eye coordination! Because you have to adjust your shot to hit the backboard. This improves your overall hand-eye coordination and makes you a better player! 

When should you use the backboard?

You should use the backboard when you are shooting from inside the paint; this will increase your basket percentage! You should also use it when posting up just outside the paint; this is a great way to improve your percentage of making a basket! 

However, you should not use the backboard if you are too far from the paint, as this could require more accuracy than you currently have! So choose your shot wisely as this skill can help you! 

How do you improve your bank shots?

Few essential tips on how you can improve your bank shots:

1. Practice – You should practice shooting the bank shot in various positions to become very accurate! (Remember, accuracy will be one of the keys to scoring in the paint.)

Practicing can help in many ways: It will increase your muscle memory, it will force you to become more accurate, it will increase your reaction time, and it will help you overcome your fear!  

2. Train Your Mind! – Your mind is the most crucial part of your game! Improving your mind requires you to think outside the box and try new things! So, I suggest that you always have a notepad and a pen or pencil close by when you are practicing or playing!

You should write down every tip and observation you make while you are shooting the bank shot! This will help you observe and record every detail of your game, and it will also help you improve your overall game!

3. Keep Your Fingers Flexed! – You should keep your fingers flexed as you shoot the bank shot! Why? Because this will increase your reaction time, and it will also help you overcome your fear!

What happens is that as your fingers get tired from being constantly flexed, your mind will tell them to relax, which will, in turn, increase your reaction time! You see, your mind and bodywork hand-in-hand! (That’s another critical observation you should never forget!) 

Why Don’t NBA Players Use the Backboard When Shooting?

There are more variables involved with shooting using the backboard than any other shot in basketball. These variables will cause players to have more accuracy problems when using the backboard than any other shot in basketball.

It would be easier to have muscle memories when players aim for the swish instead of trying to hit aboard. And, it would be easier to improve your game if you only had to concentrate on one thing at a time! That one thing is, of course, your target! 

Why is There a Square on the Backboard?

When taking a bank shot, you should always line up a visual guide (a square or a box) on the side of the target area nearest to you. This way, you will easily see where the ball will land and make adjustments to your aim accordingly.

For example, if you are taking a bank shot to the left of the square, the ball will likely go to the right of the square. In this case, you would adjust your aim accordingly, so the ball goes into the upper left corner of the square.

Are Bank Shots More Accurate Than Other Types of Shots?

This depends on the individual shooter. Some players are more accurate from the perimeter, and some are more accurate from inside the arc. The truth is, no matter what type of player you are, you are more likely to be more accurate when shooting from the front of the rim.

This is simply because there is less room for error when shooting from the front of the rim. However, this does not mean that bank shots are not more complex than other types of shots. They are still more difficult! Especially for players who have never learned to shoot with any degree of consistency! 


Should You Aim For The Backboard In Basketball? Yes, you should! It is one of the best ways to score in basketball, especially if you can do it consistently. And, once you learn how to do it, you will find it easier than you would ever believe in making those critical bank shots that can win or lose a game.

Once you learn how to do it, it will become second nature to you. You will be able to make those shots without even thinking about it. You will be able to do it from all over the court, even when the defense is playing zone defense! Even when your defender is right on top of you!