Why Does Nobody Use The Skyhook in basketball anymore? (Solved!)

Why Does Nobody Use The Skyhook in basketball anymore? (Solved!)

The skyhook shot was one of the most challenging shots to defend against in all of basketball. It required a defender to jump out of position just right, which is almost impossible to do. When the defender got jiggled out of position, the big man usually got a wide-open lane to the basket and an easy layup. This shot was very effective and was used often by great centers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Why Does Nobody Use The Skyhook in basketball anymore?

Because it is not popular anymore! It was a very effective shot. But, it was also challenging to master. So, most people who could shoot at all already knew how to shoot with a jump shot.

Thus, the skyhook was primarily lost art.

And more players are drawn to the 3point shot, where it looks more stylish and classic as the game developed towards shots from beyond the arc! 

But I have more to share with you. Did you know the skyhook is the most underused move in basketball? Here’s why: When you use the skyhook correctly, it gives you an incredible advantage over your opponent. He can’t block the shot. The only way he can prevent you from making the basket is by moving with you. And that’s just what he’ll do. He’ll try to move with you and block your path to the hoop.

A brief history of the skyhook:

In the early days of basketball, the object was for the player to drive the ball into the opposing team’s basket. Naturally, this meant that the defender was trying to block the shot. Thus, if a player had a decent shooting touch, he would usually make the basket even though his defender was attempting to block the shot.

This is why the skyhook was born. It was a simple way for a player who couldn’t shoot very well to get an easy layup.

Using the skyhook, a player could shoot the ball while his defender jumped out of position. This allowed him to get an open lane to the basket and an easy shot. How to correctly use the skyhook: The first thing you need to do is pump fake.

This causes your defender to shift his weight to one side and prepare to jump. As you are raising your arm, you should bring your dribble back toward your body. By doing this, it will be more difficult for your defender to recover and block the shot.

Who made the hook shot famous?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the greatest center ever to play the game. He used the skyhook with deadly effectiveness throughout his career.

He would use the skyhook by faking the shot and then going up for the basket all in one motion. He would do this over and over and over. And it always worked like a charm. The skyhook was Kareem’s signature shot.

It got him to the Hall of Fame. It won him 6 NBA championships. And it made him one of the best players to ever play the game.

Why does nobody use the skyhook in basketball anymore?

In the modern NBA, the play has shifted towards shooting the ball from beyond the arc, which has made more people focus on shooting like Steph curry. This has caused more people to not even think about using the skyhook.

However, if you learn to use the skyhook correctly, it can be an unstoppable offensive weapon. There’s no way for your opponent to stop you from scoring. If he tries to move with you, he’ll lose his footing and get blocked by you going right by him. If he stays still, you’ll simply shoot the ball over him. Thus, if you can get your shot off consistently, you’ll find it extremely difficult for anyone to stop you. 

How to use the skyhook effectively?

First and foremost, you must master the fundamentals of the shot. Once you do that, you can start to get your shot off in a more advanced manner. For now, all you need to worry about is learning how to make the shot.

To that end, here are four tips on how to use the skyhook effectively:

Tip #1 –  Master the fundamentals of the shot. You should spend a lot of time working on perfecting your jump shot before you even think about trying to use the skyhook. Here’s why: You see, you have to have a powerful and accurate jump shot for the skyhook to be effective. If you don’t have this down pat, you can’t afford to risk using the skyhook. You might make the basket, but more than likely, you’ll miss the ball entirely and give your opponent an easy layup.

Tip #2 – Pump fake. As I stated earlier, the first thing you must do is pump fake. This causes your defender to shift his weight to one side and prepares him to jump. That is unless you do it with enough force and accuracy to fool him.

Tip #3 – Fake the jumper. Once you’ve set up your defender with a pump fake, you then immediately follow through on the shot you’re going to take. However, instead of shooting directly at the hoop, you fake again (back to the right) and quickly turn your body and drive towards the basket. When your defender realizes what you are doing, it will be too late for him to stop you. He’ll be entirely caught off guard. Plus, you’ll have gained some additional momentum from the initial pump fake. All this will help you get your shot off more consistently.

Tip #4 – Use a “see-saw” motion. Your final tip is to use a sort of “see-saw” motion when you are about to take your jump shot. You see, after you make your initial jump, you will be in an upright position.

In addition to using the pump fake, you also need to have a good shot release. This allows you to shoot the ball while your defender is out of position. It also gives you a better chance to make the basket. How to shoot the skyhook: The first thing you should do is get into a balanced stance. Next, raise your arm until it is directly over your head.

Your shooting hand should be above your elbow. Your other hand should be by your side just in case you need to adjust your balance. As you raise your arm, rotate your shooting hand so that your palm is facing toward the basket. The next thing you need to do is concentrate on releasing the ball. Try to let go of the ball with as much power as you can.

When you do this, your shot will have more chance of going in. Remember, the goal here is not to shoot the ball very far. The goal is to shoot the ball so that it goes precisely where you want it to go. That’s why you should shoot the ball while leaning slightly forward.


Why Does Nobody Use The Skyhook in basketball anymore? It’s a valid question. But, unfortunately, there is no good answer. The skyhook is simply too tricky and too inconsistent a shot to be used regularly.

However, if you learn how to use the skyhook properly, you will score with almost every photo you take. Plus, you’ll be able to achieve in a variety of different ways. You’ll have a significant advantage over your opponent when you are using this shot.