Why is Balance Important In Basketball?(You Shouldn’t Miss This!)

Why is Balance Important In Basketball?(You Shouldn’t Miss This!)

In basketball, balance is essential because if a player is not balanced, he may lose his footing when attempting a jump shot or a slam dunk. If he loses his footing, it is more likely that he will make a mistake and give the ball to the other team.

This will usually result in a turnover. Turnovers are bad because they allow the other team to score. The balance will enable a player to become more accurate when shooting and also to be able to jump higher and thus be able to go for the spectacular and awe-inspiring dunk.

Balance is critical in every aspect of life. For example, if you are standing on one foot on a chair and attempting to jump up and touch the ceiling, you will undoubtedly lose your balance and fall.

Similarly, if you are driving a car and attempting to steer with one hand and apply the brakes with the other, you will most certainly crash.

Benefits of Having Balance in Basketball:

There are several benefits of having a good balance in basketball. Here are some of them:

2. Improves shooting accuracy in basketball- Balance improves shooting accuracy in basketball by allowing the shooter to focus on the ball without worrying about their body.

3. Increases speed and explosiveness – Balance increases speed and explosiveness in basketball by reducing the amount of time needed for a player to get in a balanced position before shooting.

4. Helps prevent injuries – Balance helps prevent injuries in basketball by keeping the player’s center of gravity over his base.

5. Reduces fatigue – Balance reduces fatigue in basketball by allowing the player to be better prepared to respond to unexpected situations.

6. Improves focus and concentration – Balance Improves focus and concentration in basketball by reducing unnecessary muscle movement required to play the game.

How does balance training help in basketball?

Balance training helps by preventing players from losing their footing or making unnecessary mistakes. It also helps by increasing their speed and explosiveness, which will make them a more challenging opponent to defend.

This is important because, in basketball, it is not the big men who score the most points. Instead, the fast-moving, shifty guards and wings get their teammates open for easy baskets.

And the guards will usually need to be even more agile and explosive if they will be effective defenders against the much taller and stronger forwards.

Therefore, a balanced player will be a more effective offensive and difficult player to defend. 

How to improve balance in basketball?

Balance is an essential aspect of all athletic endeavors and especially so in basketball. To improve your balance, you should spend a considerable amount of time on the court playing one-on-one or in small groups.

The best way to improve your balance is simply by doing it.

However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process: 

1. Do More Drills – The more you do, the better you’ll get. But, don’t just do any old drill. Choose ones that challenge your balance. For example, suppose you are working on your left leg. In that case, you might do a stationary lateral step-back, side-to-side jump, or a stationary vertical jump. Suppose you are working on your right leg. In that case, you might do a static forward lean, a backward lean, or a static vertical jump.

2. Use Improvised Drills – You should try to mix up your drills, so you aren’t just standing there doing the same exercise over and over. To help you with this, you should use objects like balls, bats, brooms, hoops, medicine balls, etc., to add a little “excitement” to your workouts.

3. Use More Than One Ball – As you practice dribbling, passing, and shooting, you should use more than one basketball. If you only have one ball, it will be challenging to know which foot you should put on the floor when you take a shot or pass the ball.

You can also improve your balance in basketball by practicing the following exercises:

Plank with Feet Together – Lie on your stomach with your knees bent and your feet together. Hold this position for 20-seconds. Do this exercise 5-times per day.

Side Plank with Feet Together – Same as a plank with feet together, except you lift one foot at a time off the ground and hold it above your head until your body forms a straight line from your head to your ankles. Hold this position for 20-seconds. Do this exercise 5-times per day.

You can also do the following exercises during basketball practice to improve your balance:

Trace the Line

In this drill, you work on getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It tests your speed and simulates a game situation where you come off a screen to catch and shoot a 3-pointer.

Jump Front/Back Shot

Performing two jumps before taking a shot helps keep your body stable even when you must make several moves to get open for your shot.

You’ll score more points by performing two jumps before taking a shot than you will be making an “All-Nervous-Wreck” attempt at the basket.

Is balance a skill or ability?

Balance is a combination of skills and abilities. It is the ability to maintain your center of gravity within the limits of the surface you are standing on.

For example, suppose you are balancing on a tight rope. In that case, you need to adjust your center of gravity, so it is inside the diameter of the string.

If you are dancing, you need to keep your balance while moving your weight from one foot to the other.

In basketball, you need to be able to balance yourself on a ball while dribbling and shooting.

And in football, you need to balance yourself on a ball while running with the ball.

The first step in improving your balance is to pay attention to where your center of gravity is located at all times.

The second step is to develop the skills needed to keep your center of gravity where you want it to be.

This means developing the skills necessary to adjust your posture so you are always “in balance.”


Why Is Balance Important In Basketball? Balance is essential in basketball because if a player is not balanced, it makes it less likely that he will perform at his best. By understanding what it takes to achieve balance, a player will be better able to avoid making costly mistakes and will have the opportunity to excel on the court.